An open-source audio player and an intelligent playlist creator


What is leleleplayer?

leleleplayer is a free (libre) audio player that analyses your music library with the Bliss music library, and then can either play music like any other standard player, or smoothly play similar songs from your audio library.
Why bother creating playlists for sleeping or parties, when leleleplayer can do it for you?

leleleplayer is written in C, uses GTK and GStreamer, and its source code is freely available on Github. It's still in (heavy) development, so don't hesitate to make bug report and/or bugfixes!


64-bits packages and binaries are available for Archlinux, Debian/Ubuntu and Windows.







You can also build leleleplayer from source (see below), or make a package for your distro!

Build from source

If you don't use our packages, or if there is no package available for your operating system, you can still build the player from source. For that, you'll need the following dependencies:

Then, execute the following:
$ git clone # Retrieve the source
$ cd leleleplayer # Go to the created directory
$ mkdir build && cd build # Create and enter the build directory
$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release # Generate the makefile
$ make # Compile it
# make install && glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas # Install it


leleleplayer screenshot leleleplayer screenshot leleleplayer screenshot